Who We Are:

Integrated Fare Collection Services (Pty)Ltd (IFCS) is a subsidiary of the Digicore Group with our Head Office based in Pretoria, South Africa.

Our Core Business:

We provide turnkey solutions and products to the public transport industry in South Africa and abroad. We specialize in the development, implementation and operation of Electronic Fare Collection and Integrated Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring solutions.

Our solutions and products are provided under the Tap-i-Fare and C-Track brands.

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Market South Africa Context:

We are currently actively involved with both the Taxi and Bus industry of South Africa and have implemented a fully compliant and certified EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) compliant contactless payment system locally.

Our Tap-i-Fare product adheres to all NDOT (National Department of Transport), PASA (Payment Association of South Africa), FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act) and MasterCard requirements regarding Prepaid contactless payments for the public transport industry.


DigiCore Holdings specializes in fleet management and vehicle tracking for a global client base. It is a provider of advanced machine-to-machine communication and telematics solutions that add value to this global base of customers with mobile assets.